Set of 3 Stainless Steel Magic Trio Peelers

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Would you like to cut your kitchen prep time in half? Want to cook delicious healthy meals, but hate all the time consuming chopping and peeling after a hard day’s work? 

Well look no further this AMAZING 3pc Peeler Set is just what your kitchen needs! Peel ANYTHING in SECONDS and get PERFECTLY peeled/sliced veg. 

This set will cut your prep time in HALF! SAVING you TIME, EFFORT and ENERGY. They also let you create newWONDERFUL dishes so you can now ENJOY eating your veg again. 

 Great for HELPING kids eat their veg, PERFECT for vegans, vegetarians, people on diets, the health conscious and EVERYONE who loves to cook! Also DISHWASHER safe

  • The BLUE (68mm) peeler can shred almost ANYTHING in seconds & create perfect curly ribbons plus grate thin slices. Perfect as a cabbage shredder or even a cheese slicer!
  • The BLACK(50mm) peeler is perfect for peeling, easily and quickly. Peel potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkins, tomatoes and even pineapples!!

  • The RED peeler can give you the PERFECT julienne slice. Create healthy fresh vegetarian zucchini noodles or pumpkin spaghetti is seconds! 

PLUS they all have a scoop to REMOVE seeds from fruit or pips.

Not to mention a feature that allows you create shapes in your veg!

These are a MUST HAVE for your kitchen!

Whatever peeling task, this peeler set can handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge. It comes with 3 peelers with different blades - definitely suitable for a wide variety of vegetables! 

Can be widely used for easy peeling, removing vegetable/fruit seeds and creating tiny potato balls.


Black 50mm Peeler: General Peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkin, pineapples, tomatoes

Gadget Crib Magic Peeler Set of 3 - Black Peeler for Potatoes, Pinapples, Zucchinis

Blue 68mm Peeler: Cabbage shredder, cheese slicer, ribbons, thin slicing

Gadget Crib Magic Peeler Set of 3 - Blue Shredder

Red Julienne Peeler: Julienne, zucchini noodles, pumpkin spaghetti

Gadget Crib Magic Peeler Set of 3 - Red Julienne Slicer

Dual ultra-sharp surgical stainless steel swivel double-edge blade

Smooth and effortless peeling

Super comfortable handle,  even with repetitive peeling motion

Built-in potato eye remover and orange peeler

Dishwasher safe

Perfect for those with arthritus



Material: Stainless Steel


1 x Black 50mm Peeler

1 x Blue 68mm Peeler

1 x Red Julienne Peeler

Due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

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