Scar Eliminating Silica Gel Patch

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Most people have some sort of scar, somewhere on their body, whether from a recent accident or one that is years old. Somehow, no matter what you do, it’s a permanent mark on your skin. This amazing, professional grade, previously unavailable to the general public scar gel sheet will help you get rid of and reduce your unwanted scars. No longer worry about those unsightly scars, fade them away. This is the perfect solution. 

Silicone gel contains long chain silicone polymer (polysiloxanes), silicone dioxide and volatile component. Long chain silicone polymers cross link with silicone dioxide. It spreads as an ultra-thin sheet and works 24 hours per day.

a. It increases hydration of stratum corneum and thereby facilitates regulation of fibroblast production and reduction in collagen production. It results into softer and flatter scar. It allows skin to "breathe".

b. It protects the scarred tissue from bacterial invasion and prevents bacteria-induced excessive collagen production in the scar tissue.

These Silicone Gel Sheets are used every day by medical professionals in burn centres and hospitals after medical procedures and injuries. Within 8-16 weeks you will be able to see a noticeable improvement in the condition and appearance of your scar. Many people see a visible improvement after only a few days. 

Silicone Gel Sheets can be used to reduce the appearance and treat hypertrophic and keloid scars. Any type of scar can be treated, old or new, from skin trauma, surgery or burns. The Silicone Gel Sheet encourages moisture accumulation under the scar itself, which results in hydration of the skin. This softens the scar tissue and causes it to fade

The Silicone Gel Sheet is very easy to use and comfortable to wear. Each sheet is washable and reusable. Under normal usage they last 14-28 days before needing to be replaced. Each sheet can be cut to fit smaller areas and can be worn during the day and at night

Instructions for use: 

Check the expiry date before use 
Clean hands and surrounding scar with a mild soap and dry before use
Remove gel sheet from package and cut get sheet to fit scar size 
Keep the unused portion of the gel sheet in the original container and store in a dry place below 25 degrees Celsius 
Apply the adhesive side to the scar gently without stretching
Use the silicone patch 4 hours at first, 8 hours the next day , then 12 or even 24 hours a day when your skin is used to the silicon patch.
Use for 3 treatment courses (each course is 30 days) as a treatment for scars less than 3 years. For scar more than 3 years old but less than 6 years, use a 6-treatment course. For scars more than 6 years old, use a 7-10 treatment course. 
Each patch can be used for 25 days and are recommended to buy at least 3 patches. 


Product Function: Scar Reduction.
Materail: Slicone
Gift: 1 Medical Tape
Warning: DO NOT USE ON wounds that has not been healed
Reuse: In 15 Days
How To Clean: Washable

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

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