Perfect For Tea Enthusiasts - Tea Infuser Gadget With Built-in Plunger

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With all we’re hearing about the benefits of drinking tea, more and more people are putting down that coffee mug and opting for a lovely cup of tea. 

This Tea Infuser is the perfect way to brew a cup of tea using either loose leaves or bagged tea. The cleverly designed spoon hopper allows you to measure, swirl and steep your favorite tea neatly and without messy tea leaves in your cup. And, the handy built-in plunger is great for pressing teas to release more flavor. 

If you’re feeling creative, why not add a little cinnamon stick, orange peel, fresh mint or cardamom to the Total Tea Infuser along with the tea of your choice?

This Tea Infuser measures 1.6 x 1 x 7.5 inches overall – the perfect size to carry along wherever your tea adventures may take you!

  • No messy tea leaves spilling out everywhere
  • Easily squeeze the loose tea or tea bag with one click of the plunger
  • The built-in edge even allows you to rest the infuser on your cup, catching all the drips


1. Fill the hopper with loose tea (max 1 tbsp) or one tea bag

2. Close and place into a cup of hot water

3. Steep to taste

4. Swirl, stir or press the plunger to release more flavor

Product description:

Material: Stainless steel + Food grade PP plastic
Net weight: Approx 25g

Package included:
1*tea infuser

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

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