LED Photon Tightening Face Lift Beauty & Skin Rejuvenation Skin Treatment Machine

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 Looking for a painless way to claw back the years without a costly face-lift? Then this is just perfect for you and all with the convenience from your home. No matter what age you are, you get to a point where you face just isn’t retaining its usual youthful look, with glowing and smooth skin. We have the perfect product for you. This amazing machine will not only reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes, but will also reduce pores, smooth out skin, tighten your face and improve skin elasticity, making your face and skin look radiant and years younger. 

This powerful machine has a sonic deep cleanser with 3 million vibrations per second, easily dislodging dirt and particles in clogged pores at the same time using electricity ions to attract particles out of the skin and to the machine head. The ergonomic design ensures that it is easy to handle and the addition benefit of being wireless – so you can use it where ever and when ever it is convenient for you. The medical grade stainless steel head easily slides over your skin with the 4 elements working high frequency RF currents working at patterns to stimulate the muscle tissue and improve skin elasticity, stimulates collagen and suppleness. 

RF stimulates detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and LED aspect is beneficial for acne legions. It works effectively without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for this machine: 

- Purple LED: Collagen regeneration: collagen is what makes skin look younger and appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

- Blue LED: Decreases the secretion of sebum, which are spot causing, ensuring less blackheads and spots 

- Green LED: Pore contraction, tighten the look of enlarged pores, which also results in less blackheads and skin looking smoother. 

- Yellow LED: Prevents redness of the skin, looking smoother and one toned. 

- Red LED: Increase the elasticity of the skin, have more bounce to your skin, making it look years younger. 

Finally look years younger without using drastic measures such as surgery. This product is a stop shop to finally looking younger and more radiant. 

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