Acupressure Reflexology Anti Snoring Ring

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 Do you suffer from excessive snoring that affects your sleep quality?

Does your partner constantly complain about the noise?

Is an expensive Anti-snore device machine out of your price range?

Or if you own one, are you frustrated with your clunky, uncomfortable Anti-snore device mask?

Are you looking for a travel-friendly, portable alternative to your Anti-snore device machine?

Snoring is not only irritating for you and your partner, it can be fatal: the condition has been linked to heart and metabolic disease.

We have the solution for you!

Our Anti-snore ring is designed to solve all of your problems, giving you a refreshing night’s sleep, every night, with absolute comfort. 

The snoring ring applies light pressure to two different acupressure points on the finger, stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities to help reduce - often stop altogether - the snoring.

It’s safe and effective, which appeals to anyone with allergies, or an (understandable) aversion to unnecessary surgery. Scoff all you like about acupressure, but it's been part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, whereas conventional Western medicine dates back barely 200 years.
 The pressure point on the small finger has a calming and curative effect on reducing snoring. Instead of the bulky and unattractive devices and contraptions, this ring will be subtle, looks good and yet extremely effective.  

Simply slip the ring on your little finger 30 minutes before you go to sleep. The ring applies a natural treatment of applying pressure on acupuncture points on your little finger. The ring not only eliminates snoring but also works in harmony with your bio rhythms. It is natural, no side effects and hassle-free way of getting a great night’s sleep. 

Material: Titanium

Pressure Range: 4-30 cmH2O
S: 4.6-5cm
M: 5.1-5.7cm
L: 5.8-6.5cm
Net Weight
: 70g

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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